The Processing Shop Administrator [NPC] Quincy in Thereall City of Peace

will help you get started picking the crafting profession that best

suits you! Talking to him will grant you access to all the craft


It's a great way to acquire the necessary gear and accessories to face

the challenges present in Lucent Heart.

Types of CraftersEdit

Choose from:






Card Design


As Crafters increase their character's level, they will gain access to

special quest(s) allowing the ability to increase their current crafting

level and to learn new recipes. In addition, highly sought after rare

items are obtainable only through crafting!

OEM BoardsEdit

Crafters can place any items they can make for sale on the OEM boards by

registering their goods for a price. Then they can go off and continue

about their business while prospective customers browse their registered

wares and use their own materials to purchase and craft items through

the board making it so the crafter does not need to be present to sell

his goods.

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